Inktober 2018 - week 1

Might as well call it "DUNEtober", because I decided to go for "Dune" as my Inktober theme.
Lots of interesting characters to choose from and I always wanted to try myself on this topic.
First week, I only have 6 pictures, because I simply decided to take part in the challenge when the first day was already over.
Might make up for the missing one later, will see.

Maik beiersdorf lady jessica web

Lady Jessica

Maik beiersdorf glossu the beast rabban harkonnen web

Glossu - The Beast - Rabban

Maik beiersdorf chani web


Maik beiersdorf feyd rautha harkonnen web

Feyd - Rautha (bit basic, might improve him later)

Maik beiersdorf bene gesserit web

Bene Gesserit

Maik beiersdorf mux dib web